Hi! My name is Tom (website name may have given that away) and I'm a Kent wedding photographer and videographer. I love all things cameras (what a revelation) and enjoy nothing more than chatting about gear to people! I've had a long running love affair with photography for about as long as I can remember, but only started shooting weddings back at the beginning of film school to fund a lavish camera buying habit (great justification), but quickly fell in love with ... well everything! From the small minute details, to the heartfelt emotional moments ... No two weddings are ever the same, and that is what continues to draw me in. I love seeing people's different interpretations as to what a wedding should be like, and it brings me genuine joy being able to capture those moments.

In my spare time, if I'm not watching cat videos (the sole reason for the internet's existence), you'll normally find me in the Kent countryside at obscure hours taking landscape photos (Check out my Instagram to suggest a place I haven't ruined my tripod in). However, for me nothing beats sitting down and watching a great movie or TV show. I can talk for days about them, and have a collection of over 500 (and counting) DVD's, but am no closer to finding a favourite. Just don't bring up the LOST ending and we can be friends.


Want to know more? Drop me a message and we can have a chat, whether it's about your wedding, an interest in cameras, or just a chat, I'm always happy to talk.



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